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Places of Interest
RAICHUR Location: 410 Kms From Bangalore, Karnataka

Main attraction: HUTTI GOLD MINES, (70km) the only Biggest Gold Mine in India,
Raichur Thermal Power Station with 8 units generating power and 3 more units coming up (15km).
Sri Raghavendra Swamy Temple, Mantralayam (40km)
Mantralayam abode of Sri Raghavendra Swamy is 40 km from Raichur on the bank of rivers, Tungabhadra on either side of Raichur City, two rivers Tungabhadra on south and Krishna river on North.
Sannatti Sri Bhramarambha Temple (130km)
Mylapur Mailaralinga Temple (65km).
Sri Narasimha Temple Koppar (80km).
Sri Dattatreya Temple famous religious centre with Bank of river Krishna Kuruvapur (80km).
Chikkalaparvi famous for Sri Purandaradasara, (65km).
Sri Sugureshwara Temple DEosugur (15km).
The market for Rice, Cotton, Oilseeds, Chilli, & Grains,
The biggest market of Cotton, and Paddy/Rice,

HAMPI AND ANEUNDGI:135 km from Raichur has some awe-inspiring temples from the Vijayanagar times. The Ranganatha Temple and the Huchchappayana Matha are worth a visit.

The Pampa Sarvovara, the Kamal Mahal and Nava Brindavana housing the mortal remains of famous saints, are the other attractions around Anegundi.

Kuknur: Located about 40 km from Hospet and 7 km from Itgi, Kuknur is renowned for its temples of the Rastrakuta and Chalukyan times. Of these the Navalinga group of temples is famous.

Maski: 60 km from Raichur town dating back 500 – 300 B.C., Maski was formerly known as Masangi. Excavations here have urns made of burnt clay, neolithic implements, graves, megalithic burials, etc, making Maski one of the most important prehistoric sites to be discovered in India. It had a flourishing bead-making industry.

Kanakagiri: Meaning Hill of Gold in Kannada, Kanakagiri was earlier called Suvarnagiri. Located about 40 km from Raichur, Kanakagiri has several beautiful temples of which the best is the Kanakachalapathi temple.

Kallur: Kallur in Manvi taluk is situated about 13 km from Raichur. The place is famous for Sri Laxmi Temple believed to be the sister of Sri Kolapur Mahalaxmi surrounded on all sides by granite hills except the east and derives its name from the abundance of boulders on these hills. The village and the hills around are full of antiquities.